Probably tipsy, probably talking.


I am a sociolinguist, philosopher, lifelong resident of the Detroit area, a traveler, and craft beverage enthusiast. I love to hear stories, tell stories, and discover all the different ways humans connect in this wonderful world.  Language is a social event, it brings us together, sometimes creates confusion and distress, and is so uniquely human.  Interestingly, food and delicious fermented beverages can do something similar.

Our experiences and adventures from the most routine to the wild and unexpected shape us and those around us, sometimes obviously and sometimes without us knowing.  I hope you will enjoy reading about my thoughts, research, and travels and come along for the trip. Here’s to the adventure of being human, Cheers!



Curriculum Vitae

Associate of General Studies – Macomb Community College 2011

Bachelor of Arts Philosophy, Minor Linguistics – Wayne State University 2015

Master of Arts Linguistics – Wayne State University Expected Graduation 2017

Linguistic Society of America Summer Institute at The University of Chicago 2015

Transformations: Graduate Anthropology Conference 2016 Speaker, “Speaking Craft Beverage: Building Power, Status, and Economy with Linguistic Capital”

Wayne State University Graduate Student Conference 2016 Poster Session, “Variation in African American Vernacular English: A Study of Three American Cities”

Global Movements, Local Stories: Diaspora, Migration, Representation; 14th Annual CMLLC Graduate Forum Conference 2016 Panel Speaker, “Variation in African American Vernacular English: A Study of Three American Cities”


Professional Organizations:

Linguistic Society of America member since 2014

Fermenta: Michigan Women’s Craft Collective member since 2014

Beer Judge Certification Program Mead Judge 2015

American Homebrewer’s Association member since 2016



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